Local Business Schema Generator

Since Google prefers using the JSON-LD version of Schema markup for business listings, this tool now shows the JSON-LD version by default. If you still prefer to use the MicroData format, there is an option to show it.

When you're done, submit your website to be included in my upcoming "Websites Using Schema" page.


Fill in the blanks, the Schema JSON-LD or Microdata code is generated and displayed below for you to copy and paste on your website.

Business Type
Business Name
Street Address
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  Clickable? Yes
Image (?
Image should be Minimum: 160x90 -> Maximum: 1920x1080 (width x height). Keep in mind the image will probably be cropped square from the top for some items.
) - ex
Payment Accepted
Cash Check Credit Card Invoice PayPal
Price Range
Days Open:
Does your business have different open/close hours on different days, or weekend hours?
If I get a few requests through twitter, or email I'll add it in.


I can't be more clear, Check Your Work! When previewing most of the websites that have been submitted, they did not check the website using the Google Structure Tool listed below. Here is a list of a few websites that implemented the JSON-LD properly: Websites Using Schema. Test them to see what it should look like.

  • Don't forget to test the output. Copy the output, either HTML or the JSON version, and paste it into the "Code Snippet" option on this tool: Google Structure Data Tool.
    If you run in to any problems, please let me know either through email or twitter.
  • Do NOT add both the MicroData Code and the JSON code version to the same page.
  • If using WordPress, make sure you don't place this inside a Theme that is adding Microdata tags.

Output Type:

Your Code HTML - (Test)
Your JSON-LD Code (Preferred by Google) - (Test)
If you find this tool useful, please let me know on twitter: @sferrino   or Here

Change List

May 17, 2018 - Added Auto calculating the Latitude and Longitude based on the address provided. No need to go to another website.

May 17, 2018 - Added "openingHoursSpecification" - There has been a long standing debate over the use of "openingHours" vs "openingHoursSpecification", but Google is listing "openingHoursSpecification" on their Local Business Page, so I felt it better to include both until there is a final decision on the matter. The Schema Issue #245 on GitHub discusses the issue.

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